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Purna's soothing voice and gentle commands put me completely at ease. I was able to move my body without discomfort during the Yoga session. Love and sunbeams, Gina.
My time with Purna has been of experience and mastery. She guided me softly but intently in a journey that allowed me, for the first time since a very long while, to go past my blockages and to reconnect. At last, I was able to find a way to acknowledge and put to rest some unhelpful habits that impacted my quality of life. Thanks a lot, Emmanuel.
After the sessions with Purna, I felt much more relaxed and free. The additional phone support was also of great help. Thanks again, Ana.
I went to see Purna asking for help with my problems conceiving a baby. I had miscarried twice in the previous year and feared that my body was rejecting a child because of some previous issues. I did not have a problem conceiving a child; however, in the first trimester I kept on loosing my children. I started to take meditation to help me with the process. During this time I visited Purna three times and we went through both Physical and Emotional Journeys quite deep. I discovered some issues I did not know I still had and I was able to release and let go. With my third pregnancy everything went well and now I have a 10 month healthy beautiful boy. Thank you so much, Marcela.

I loved the whole Ultimate Mind & Body Balance day and afterwards I felt serene and peaceful...and powerful. I was nurtured and nourished from the experience and will integrate some of the activities into my daily routine right away! Purna is gentle, astute and present which means that one is left transformed after just a short period of time with her. Thanks a lot, Victoria. 

Purna, I must thank you for your advice on improving digestion during your Boardroom Yoga - it has assisted me many times when I have eaten too much - great meeting you!! Thanks again Roger.
We thoroughly enjoyed the Yoga with you, in particular the paired exercises - perfect for couples as they are bonding and enhance the stretches at the same time! Also thanks for your patience and encouragement, Mathias.

Yoga with Purna is the peak of my week, the moments I feel I am at home - mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Her friendly and supportive personality with the relaxed atmosphere creates an intim environment in which you can really be who you always wanted to be - YOU. Purna helps you forget about the stress of everyday life and you can focus solely on yourself. It's an energising, inspiring and smoothing experience at the same time. Once you try it, you won't be able to stop. Helga

I have been attending Purna's yoga classes for over a year now and I leave every session feeling reinvigorated. Purna is the ideal yoga teacher - extremely knowledgable but also very responsive to her students. She uses her deep understanding of the benefits to be gained from each asana to help us appreciate which muscles should be working and how our bodies should be feeling. Through Purna's guidance and encouragement my yoga has progressed much more than I thought it could. Purna also has the most beautiful, calming voice, which makes relaxing very easy! Estelle

I like to attend yoga classes as at least for those 1-2 hours I can fully concentrate on what my body tells me. Other time my head is just so full of so many things…I am also relaxed enough to hear my mind speak in one voice at a time, to feel how my body stretches and what does it “say” during the different asanas. I like to discover new muscles during the exercises as well as to know  why  we need too move them and what is the spiritual background of each move we do. I really like your explanation at the beginning of the  "lecture" why and  what are  we going to do and why is  it necessary and  what it  will be good for.  Mae

Just thanks so much for wonderful yoga yesterday. All the neck and shoulder tension associated with too much computer and driving has been lifted. Jane

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